Did you know?

Did you know?

Sweatshop free guarantee

Did you know that all of Kicky Brand's products are proudly sweatshop free? As clothing gets cheaper from the big "box" stores we had to ask ourselves: is it because of their collective buying power? Not even close. A large percent of "cheap" clothing comes at a much greater cost. Poor working conditions, low wages, and even abuse. 

Did you know that 85-90% of sweatshop workers are women? After investigating what a lot of them are subjected to, it became important for us to source our products from companies with the highest standard of ethics, certified sweatshop-free, and those that make an impact. 

Yeah, it's kind of important to us.

Kicky Brand Announces a Move to Ethically Sourced Products

Kicky Brand, an equestrian lifestyle company, today announced they have moved to 100% ethically sourced products. This move includes sweatshop-free clothing, accessories, and sustainable production practices.

Kicky Brand CEO, Jess Lewis said: “As more and more retailers try to decrease their costs, the inadvertent result is often an increase in sweatshop conditions at manufacturing facilities. Those conditions can range from unsafe working conditions to physical abuse. Moving to sweatshop-free sources and lessening our environmental footprint allows us to meet the evolving needs of our customers by providing a range of products they can feel good about.”

Manufacturers are constantly put under pressure to have safe working conditions as the visibility into working conditions continues to increase. As companies and manufacturers take a strong stance, it’s becoming easier and easier to source products that are ethically and sustainably produced.

“It’s very important to me that people are able to practice their craft safely,” says Kellie Lewis, Co-founder and Creative Director, Kicky Brand, “Creating art that is steeped in the love for horses and then putting it on products that are sourced unethically just isn’t a fit for our brand. We find that it really matters to our consumers that we put so much effort and care into our products.”

About Kicky Brand

Kicky Brand is a lifestyle company which was birthed from a cartoon strip from the horses’ point of view and evolved into the addition of t-shirts, sculptures, art, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and other equestrian related gifts. Headquartered in an Airstream near Hansen Dam Trails in Sun Valley, CA, Kicky Brand proves it's a brand as diverse as its audience of horse lovers that is upending the way people show off their passion.  It can be sweet enough for baby, trendy enough for teens, or wicked smart enough for folks who live, eat, and breathe horses. Kicky Brand is the ultimate compilation of art from the funny, sarcastic mind of horse addicted, award-winning artist, Kellie Lewis. Visit www.kickybrand.com to learn more.


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