About Us

Kicky Brand is an equestrian lifestyle company that started as a cartoon strip from the horses’ point of view and evolved into the addition of t-shirts, sculptures, art, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and other equestrian related gifts.

Kicky Brand is a brand as diverse as its audience of horse lovers that is upending the way people show off their passion.  It can be sweet enough for baby, trendy enough for teens, or wicked smart enough for folks who live, eat, and breathe horses.

Originally headquartered in a vintage 1973 Airstream near Hansen Dam Trails in Southern California, Kicky Brand moved to Pagosa Springs, CO in June 2017. 

Kicky Brand is the ultimate compilation of art from the funny, sarcastic mind of horse addicted artist, Kellie Lewis.

Check out the team:  

Kellie Lewis, Creator, Co-Founder


Kellie is an award-winning artist and prolific cartoonist who just so happens to have had a professional career in animation. Kicky Brand is home to her third cartoon strip and everything that entails- some of you may know her work from My Dogs Better and Wild Unknown. 

When Kellie wasn’t denying her ultimate destiny as a cartoonist, she was working in feature film animation for Walt Disney Studios. She has also been a stop motion animator and children’s book illustrator. However, her unquenched need for humor finally brought her back home to cartooning and combining that with her other passion, horses. 

Learn more about her here and connect with her: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Patreon

Meet her horse, Panda's Rugged Lark aka "Eros". Can you find the Peter Pan on his side?


Jess Lewis, CEO, Co-Founder

With a background in product development and marketing, Jess finally gets to intersect her love of numbers and her love of horses by helping Kellie run Kicky Brand. Her favorite product is The Everything  Reining Bag (there may be a bag addiction yet to be uncovered).

Learn more about her here and connect with her: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Meet her horse, Panda's Cool Blu Steel aka "Piper"



Murphy Carl, Head of Security


Murphy Carl proves that toughness is not always in direct relation to size. The way to his heart? Grab the keys to the Jeep or let him chill in the Airstream for the day.