Artistic Rights & Usage Policy

Artistic Rights & Usage Policy:

All content, including artwork, illustrations, and designs, featured on,, and any associated social media channels, is under the strict copyright protection mandated by copyright law. This encompasses the unique and original works created by Kellie Lewis and the distinctive brand elements of Kicky Brand.

Unauthorized use, including but not limited to modification, reproduction, alteration, or distribution of the artwork by Kellie Lewis or associated with Kicky Brand, is strictly prohibited without express written consent or a formal licensing agreement. These actions are not only violations of copyright law but may also breach existing contractual obligations with third-party entities.

Kellie Lewis's creative output is not just her passion but her livelihood, protected by legal standards that honor and safeguard the intellectual property rights of artists worldwide. Infringement upon these rights not only undermines Kellie's artistic integrity but also affects the contractual agreements with our licensing partners, which are taken with the utmost seriousness.

We actively license our creative products and artwork to various esteemed companies and organizations. Unauthorized usage could therefore result in legal consequences, including infringement claims not only from our entity but also from those third parties with whom we hold contractual agreements.

For Licensing Inquiries & Press Requests: If you are interested in legally utilizing or featuring Kellie Lewis’s artwork or Kicky Brand products, please reach out to us directly. Proper licensing ensures respect for the artist’s rights while fostering positive and legitimate collaborations. For all inquiries regarding licensing, press, or usage permissions, please contact us via the provided channels on our website.

By respecting these guidelines, you contribute to a respectful and lawful artistic community, supporting the ongoing creation and sharing of art in a manner that honors the rights and contributions of all artists.