Kicky Brand is Moving!

Kicky Brand is Moving!

Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Francisco, Kicky Brand has had an amazing start in two of the biggest cities in the world with access to all sorts of fashion and manufacturing resources. We traveled up and down the California coast to horse shows large and small and even ventured into Colorado for a couple of retailer shows. The response has been amazing and learning how to run a business has been interesting, joyful, super @#$* hard, and truly one of the best experiences. 

One of the things (read: hard lesson) we learned is that we constantly have to watch our margins particularly when being committed to fair trade and primarily USA based manufacturing. We've always strived to pass the savings on to you and have been extremely humbled by the response from our fans. 

Now, we take the next, even bigger step in learning about business finances and local community impact. In just a few weeks, (June 16th to be exact) we are moving to a small town, where it's not only more cost-effective, we can even meet our goal of bringing jobs into a small, rural town. 

So, where are we going?? Pagosa Springs, Colorado! We've loved this town for many years and it really speaks to who we are as people, as a business, and as horse and dog owners.

Onward and upward (literally - we'll be at 7000+ ft) as we look forward to what's next. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We'll see you soon!

Jess, Kellie, Piper, Eros, True, Orem, Murphy, Fly, & Ivy



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Wow!! This is so exciting for you guys!! Will you have a storefront there? It looks so beautiful! We are thinking about also moving to CO in 2018!! Good luck with the move!

Diana Barlow

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