What is going on with Kicky Brand...?

What is going on with Kicky Brand...?

Kellie's Truck - Ford - Pagosa Springs, CO

Because I've had a lot of you ask "What is going on with Kicky Brand...?"

Last December, just 6 months after moving to Pagosa Springs, CO, an impaired driver went left of center on Hwy 160 hitting another car and then me, killing himself and sending 3 adults and an infant to the hospital very much altering our lives. My truck, which saved my life, is pictured here in the tow yard.

I have spent the last year recovering from my injuries and was unable to work on Kicky Brand, which is why I have posted so much old art. I am able to hold my arms up to draw again in limited sessions. I hope that over the winter months that I will be able to create enough new art to be able to launch some new designs in the late spring. Thanks to everyone who has reached out. I look forward to creating new stuff for you guys again soon.


Notes about product availability:

T-shirts are made entirely by us in Pagosa Springs so we'll be resuming production sometime in March. In the meantime, we have a "few" shirts left so if you see something you like, please reach out with the size and style. 

All other accessories are made by a stitcher (USA based!) so they will continue to be available for you (yippee!)

Kellie's truck - Side View - Ford - Pagosa Springs, CO

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Just found your site.
I have been searching for just the right horse artwort. I hope you will take care of your self. I know one of your creations will someday be mine.


Take care of yourself and heal well…. prayers sent your way❤️

Teresa Carlos

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